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What we can do for you

Gasonics L3510 Upgrades available

· LCD Upgrade Kit: replace old obsolete displays with our conversion kit. We offer state of the art LCD displays that are easy to install, much less expensive and have a higher MTBF than the original

· CPU card cage upgrade to latest CPU and memory. Replaces obsolete cpu card.

· Power Supply upgrade to state of the art system.

· Solid state Lamp control. Eliminates need for calibrations that were required on obsolete electronic lamp control pcb

All new parts:

Quartz, Orings, wiring, card cage, power supplies, AC dist. Box, Microwave system, display, skins, gas box, valves, baratron,  6 pole applicator, Version 7.5 software,

Lamp Assembly, New Hine Robot or Zbot 2, Sensors, lifter, and heated platen

New ESI upgraded I/O pcb with opto-isolated digital outputs

Calibrated Pressure, Microwave Power, Heated platen and  MFC’s

Gasonics L3510 remanufactured tools are in stock and ready to demo